IO1 Step 3

Step 3

1) Please describe your planning in detail by explaining the meaning for each single symbol!

2)Start reflection and improvement by answering the following key questions:
– Consider from the final goal back to the start: Did you plan all needed activities?
– Is there enough time, resources and knowledge for each of the activity?
– Have you planned breaks and recovery periods?
– Do you have time to fulfil all your other commitments in addition to achieving your goals?
– What are important milestones (interim goals) for achieving your goals) When these must be achieved?
– Do you need additional support from others?

3) Now go back to Step 2 and rearrange, add or skip symbols as needed to improve your prior planning. Add Milestones

Go back to step 3. (This button will take the users back to step 3, in order to change something in their previous arrangement of symbols. An additional symbol for milestones should be available)



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