IO1 Toolset 1

Step 1

Please, fill water in the 2 glasses.

On the left side, an amount representing the level of satisfation with your actual job.

On the right side, the amount how your satisfaction should be.



Step 2

Look on the cards, read and reflect which of these aspects concern you on your actual working place, which one could be improved and which are positive points compensating maybe some negative aspects, Arrange the cards in the positive or negative field.


Please drag and drop the cards by clicking on the number of each card.

  1. N.01
  2. N.02
  3. N.03
  4. N.04
  5. N.05
  6. N.06
  7. N.07
  8. N.08
  9. N.09
  10. N.10
  11. N.11
  12. N.12
  13. N.13
  14. N.14
  15. N.15
  16. N.16
  17. N.17
  18. N.18
  19. N.19
  20. N.20
  21. N.21
  22. N.22
  23. N.23
  24. N.24
  25. N.25
  26. N.26
  27. N.27
  28. N.28
  1. N.29
  2. N.30
  3. N.31
  4. N.32
  5. N.33
  6. N.34
  7. N.35
  8. N.36
  9. N.38
  10. N.39
  11. N.40
  12. N.41
  13. N.42
  14. N.43
  15. N.44

      Step 3

      For which aspects do you see the potential for change?

      How this change could be?

      Do you think there could be another option apart from these?

      At which level of the levels below do you think the problem has to be addressed?

      Step 4

      If you found the solution, how much water would you like to add in the glass with your satisfaction level?

      Step 5


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