IO3 Online Tool 2

Step 3

When finished, please go to the River, where you will find cards with additional symbols. Carefully read their labels, reflect on them and with the help of your creativity, use some of the symbols to represent a possible solution of the conflict that serves both sides(or solves the conflict for the customers and doesn’t hurt the opponent).

While creating the solution, you can consider the following questions:

  • What virtues of yours you can use to end this conflict?

  • What will your opponent find acceptable taking into consideration his virtues and emotions?

  • Is the solution you are coming to going to offset the negative emotions you had in this conflict?

  • Is the solution you are coming to going to offset your opponent‘s negative emotions in this conflict?

  • Do you think there is a win-win solution? If not, what are the compromises that you and your opponent might be willing to accept taking into consideration the virtues of both of you?


    Step 4

    Please write down a commitment you take to make the solution you’ve just created to happen. (think about the activities you will undertake, the timing, the resources you will need, the end result for you and for the opponent)



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